Futa-Choko Edo cut glass


“Futa-Choko” series (design by Yuka Arii/Style Y2 Int., production by Hirota Glass Craft Ltd.)

“Futa” means lid, “Choko” means small and useful cup often used for sake or soba situation. Lots of enthusiastic fans are growing their collection of Choko made from ceramic, wood and sometimes glass as well. This series had been planned and designed to be used as you like in any style, such as, bonbonniere, water glass & lid, cup & saucer….what ever. The base is all hand made blow glass which wares coloured layer.  Cutting technique is based on Edo Kiriko (having 180-year history), traditional hand made in the centre of Tokyo city.  Please enjoy it’s finest and clear cutting edge, charming red colour and patterns.  Please do not put boiled water, no dishwasher.

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