Green Tea & Design (2)


091004_1For savoring the fresh green colour of Japanese tea, a simple, white teacup is a must. In

Japan, cups without handles are the norm. The three types of cup we introduce here are high design objects that are responsive to tea leaf variety and style of service, yet offer a basic size useful for various functions. On the left is a vessel made by a young artist from Miyazaki that employs a warm white easy on the eye. It is suitable for holding 70cc of liquid and is appropriate for various types of green tea.

The central ceramic piece was hand-produced at a Saga atelier. It casts a striking impression with its elegant and fine stripes and a clean blue-whiteness. This one should be filled with around 50cc of tea. It is suitable not only for sencha green tea, and gyokuro (a very high quality green tea which is removed from sunlight as soon as it puts out buds, and is covered as a way of reducing bitterness and astringency) but can also be used as a sake cup.

The vessel on the right is also a Saga atelier produced item. Around 110cc of tea is a suitable amount for this cup, and whilst simple, its form is accentuated by an asymmetrical tendency. It can be used for all flavored green teas as well as for sencha, hōjicha (roasted tea) and genmaicha (green tea with roasted brown rice).

These pieces are responsive to various needs and may easily be used to create interesting styling for cooked dishes, desserts, nibbles and dips. They are highly recommended by Y2 as staple items.

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