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091003_1Absolutely unique to Japan in its production of green tea – or sencha – is a process of steaming that prevents fermentation of the tea leaves. Such a process creates not merely a distinctive and beautiful olive shade of liquid and a deeply refreshing taste; it is also known for bringing benefits to the health of the drinker, which is why it is well-loved around the world today.
We often receive inquiries from prospective clients outside Japan who are keen to incorporate a Japanese green tea menu into their services but are unsure of the types of utensils to use with the product.
091003_2 They also wish to be assured of the high quality, safety and purity of the supply of green tea leaves. This site introduces tea-related products with full explanations of both tea utensils and tea itself. It is possible to purchase a single product or several, so please feel free to inquire. Refined, natural and calm designs inform our tea utensils and they ‘perform’ different moods according to their styles. Why not introduce your valued clients to a fresh and healthy experience through the means of Japanese green tea?

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