Sweet Bubbles….


091001_1sThere can’t be many who’d associate wine and cocktail glasses with the phrase “made in Japan”. As stem glasses are basically unnecessary for Japanese chilled and warm sake, many specialists have not, in this area, felt the need to reach out for foreign craft techniques. “Sweet Bubbles” originates from a glass studio located around an hour outside Tokyo that looks out onto a peaceful Pacific Ocean.

091001_2sAll the craftsmen based here are also designers and once a year they hold their own design competitions: the trial pieces that attract the largest number of client votes constitute the kernel of the following year’s products. Neither the design nor the client side, are looking for fixity in the designs of the stem glasses.

091001_4sIn fact, it is precisely the late-start to the culture of wine and cocktail glasses that provides a fertile soil for new and interesting productions. And because “Sweet Bubbles” are all made by hand, the pattern of bubbles caught inside the glass is unique to each one. The utter translucence with its accent of light that is yet captured within a simple form makes for a twinkling and unique glass series that may be highly recommended. In addition these pieces are hardwearing; one can be quite secure in regularly using and enjoying them.


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